We care about Your Privacy!

We respect your privacy.
We do not spam and we never sell or share our user data.

We have compiled information for you here about how we collect, store and use your personal information.

All data is secure.

Smart Learning

The software learns texts written by the user.
Saves the information locally only in an encrypted format.
This information is not sent to the server at any stage!

Repositories in the Cloud

All file transfers are encrypted and the template files are saved in a unique proprietary format of Assist-Ant.
The software periodically synchronizes the list of templates in the repositories to which the user is registered.

Public Repositories

Existing repositories, open to use by all. For example: laws, orders, regulations, and more.

Organizational Repositories

With the software it is possible to create "templates" for use by the department or the organization.
Each template is associated with a repository, for which it's manager can assign read/edit/administrative permissions.

Personal Repositories

With the help of the software you can create "templates" for personal use.
These organizations are under your personal management, under your control, the ability to share and assign privileges.